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"A child is a miraculous gift from God, no matter how one receives it. Some are given the ability bear them, others the ability to rear them"

Thank you for the update! Thank you for your leadership in providing a meaningful Sunday Service, and also in the orphanage mission. You are an awesome individual that has tremendous leadership, focus and vision. You still "got it" buddy! Cherilyn gets credit too. Thank you Cherilyn! Have a great night, and I'll see on Christmas Eve. Henry

Dear TJ:
It was a pleasure to meet you. You are doing beautiful work. Have a blessed New Year. Love and blessings, Rabbi Jill

Hi Cherilyn,
Thank you for the email - great to hear from you... we arrived home about 1:30 this am - with a suitcase full of warm memories...:) Yes, I would be happy to share our experience with you, will try to get that done sometime this week...We also went back to the orphanage on Saturday, just before we dropped off James and Tammy and John and Shannon at the airport. Abe and I and Neil and Doreen travelled home yesterday. On Saturday we dropped off the food that we had left when we checked out of our condo, plus we had picked up some more yard toys for the kids, as well as some sheets and towels for Ester and a baby gift for Lorena..... we got to meet Lorena as well...We are blessed and I will definitely share more with you in the coming days...We also were blessed to be part of your Sunday morning worship service...thank you for making us feel so welcome :) God bless the awesome work you do. In His grip, Gloria

Hi Tom.
I always enjoy getting your newsletters. Thank you. God Bless you and your family for the awesome work He is doing in and through you! Merry Christmas! Victoria

Hi Tom!
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how wonderful the orphanage looks right now! I was able to come there this last Tuesday and I saw such a notable improvement from when I left. They had all of these fun toys and they had new screens up and everything looked wonderful. I am sorry that I didn't let anyone know but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it because I was going to go to a wedding in Chiapas. I have one question: Do you know what is going on with Pauki? She has what looks like blister burns on her body and at the crook of her thumb. I asked her but she told me it was bed bugs. Anyways, you folks are doing great things for these was nice to see then playing with all of the fun toys. ~Renee

I used to go to the service with Pastor Mancilla long ago, when he was at Alcatraces Street. He's great. I will try to visit one day. Thanks for sharing the emails. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well. Ara

it is nice to hear from you. I was trying to be able to set up purchases for pick up there at Walmart Cancun but that option is not available yet. Is there anything special we can do for the kids for Christmas that would really be helpful? My kids are doing a bake sale and giving up some of their own Christmas money to help with giving to the kids at Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza. I would like to do something special, but if just giving cash to meet the needs is the most helpful, then that is what we will do. I thank God for people like you who are dedicating your lives to serving others. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear pastor Tom & wife,
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It is just a beautiful day. We hope you will all find yourselves around the table with family or friends this Thanksgiving day and be thankful for each other and for what we have, and for God's love to us. "Happy Thanks Giving from the Mancilla"

Hello - this is Cynthia. I got your email addresses from Suzanne. She was also telling us something about an orphanage that you're involved with. Now I wasn't clear on whether this is a church run orphanage or what but undoubtedly a very worthwhile endeavor. Can you tell us more about the orphanage? We will be coming back to Playa for 2 months at the end of December and we're wondering if there is anything that is hard to get down there that perhaps we could bring as a donation to the orphanage - clothes, books, toys??? or other things??? We have a friend up here that started the Bibles for Missions shops in town and we thought we would ask him if there's anything he could donate as well. Look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you when we return to Playa.

Hi Tom,
I want to donate $50 for the orphanage Christmas gifts. Do I just give you the credit card number? Please let me know. Thank you! Linda

I found some twin bed vinyl mattress covers at Wal-Mart. Would you rather have the fitted elastic corner type or the zippered ones that covers the entire mattress? I did not realize that I got two kinds until I got home. I have 13 of the zipper style and 7 of the fitted style. I can easily exchange them and get them all alike. I bought all that I could find at a Wal-Mart on the way to my sister, Judy's yesterday. We have two stores near us where I could exchange for other style if you like. Both styles say that they fit mattresses up to 12" thick. Also I need to know where to send them. What mail service works best? US Mail, Fed-Ex, UP?. Carolyn

Hi Tom!
Always good to hear from you. We arrived on Monday and look forward to being in church on Sunday. We have been amazed at all the work and effort put into the orphanage. To God be the Glory! God Bless! Kathie

Good Morning!
I was looking at the current list of needed items and I was wondering if you are aware of a store that sells the plastic mattress covers? I have never looked for them so I wasn't sure if Wal-Mart or Soriana carries them. I will be leaving to go back to Texas on Friday, but I would like to drop by the orphanage and take a few things on Thursday before I leave. I will look for a twin size plastic mattress cover and will purchase diapers. I cannot not afford to buy each child a toy as I would like so I am thinking of buying a game or two that they can play. I did not see any games while I was there so hopefully I will not duplicate any they may already have. Thanks for any info on the mattress covers! Nina

Good morning Tom.
It's a privilege to be able to support your work. Planning to travel down to Guatemala for most of next week and had in mind to visit the fellowship in Cancun on Sunday morning, 10 October. It will be great to do lunch afterwards if you're free. Catch up later. Blessings, Roy

Dear Tom:
Many thanks for everything you did last week, We are grateful for your donation to the children's home. With you in Christ. Pastor. Ascencio M. Mancilla.

People are funny! When they leave you always wonder (at least I do) what they are doing. I was amazed, and happy to help when you told me that you were living in Mexico and what you were doing. Thanks for the orphanage update and pictures. You look like you love it. I'm glad for you. Well "it only takes a SPARK to get a fire going". Looks like you guys are the "spark". I know God will bless you as you bless others. Take Care, Janice

Thank you so much for your quick response. I prayed that if this is truly what the Lord was leading me to do that doors would be opened, and I am excited to see this door opened. We would love to fulfill the needs of these children and the orphanage as much as we possibly can. I did visit your web page and noticed the needs section...if there is any specifics such as age/sex/sizes, that would be helpful to get some specific items for these kids. I would definitely love to visit the children if that can be approved. I'm not sure how your schedule works, but I will be arriving in Cancun on October 14th and departing on October 17th. Friday is our "free" day and I was hoping to be able to visit on that day if possible. There are obvious details that we will need to go through, but this is a great start. I will be staying at the Maya Riviera (sorry about the spelling) and I'm not sure where that is in association to the orphanage. I will also need information on transportation, because I don't speak Spanish and I do not want to get lost. If I need to reimburse someone for transportation, we can work that out too. I believe that showing the Love of Christ also means respecting the people I meet and what they currently believe. My church, St. Louis Family Church, has a motto "Honor God, Help People". It's not about me. I want to honor my Lord by being of service and a help to others. Thank you so much for allowing myself and the home-school group (My Father's World) to be of service to these children. We are all very excited and hope that whatever we can do will be a help. I look forward to further communications with you and Tom. VD

Dear Tom:
Thanks for the mail and information. I thank God for all that you and your members that are working at the orphanage are helping in different ways. What a blessing! Thank you, God bless Pastor. Ascencio M. Mancilla.

Hi Tom,
Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I am sorry that it has taken me awhile to reply. I would LOVE to help out with the children in need. Today I somewhat cleaned out my childrens rooms and toys. I have a bag of boy clothes and a few pairs of shoes. Girl clothes I do not have much, I cleaned that out about 2 months ago and found several needy little girls that those clothes were given to. Today the children helped me clean out their toys when I told them why we were doing it. They were so excited and more than willing to help out. I also purchased a case of milk while at Costco this morning. I would love give these thing to the children that are needing these items. After telling my children about the orphanage, they are wanting to help take the items that they have been so kind to pick out themsleves. I do not know when you go there, if it is daily, or a few times a week, or morning or afternoon. I would LOVE some more information and a day and time that we could go. The clothing sizes that we have are boys 6-8. Shoe size boys, not sure, they are now too small for my 8 year old, so maybe 13 to 1. We have about 3 bags of toys, I am not sure how many toys they have there. We have hotwheels, dolls, action figures, a few Barbie items, and several McDonald's type toys. I am so excited and looking forward to hearing from you. LK

Dear Tom & Cherilyn,
It is great to receive your periodic communications as they provide encouragement to both myself and Norma to see how the Lord is working through you and your fellow workers to fulfill His will / desire to have all hear the Good News. You mention in the previous e-mail that 'it was good to see so many smiling faces in Church'. While we have so much to be thankful for we are often held back in our walk with the Lord by worldly things and it is these worldly things that tend to cause worry / unhappiness so our continued prayer for your fellowship is for the church to keep smiling and showing the world how happy and content we are in the Lord. I do not expect you will remember us, but we remember you and have fond memories on the warm welcome extended to us our 1 and only visit. Please pass on our warm wishes to your church. God Bless you for your service to the Lord, James & Norma UK

Thank you, Tom, for sending the verses on "Habits". This is the first time your email has gone through! Hope it continues. How is the group going during the low season? I miss it though I have found a good Bible study group here in the Brunswick, Maine area. I plan to get back down there in January and hope the group will still be going strong. Please say hello to everyone in the group for me. God bless! David

Dear Tom
I want to thank you for your great work with the groups. Please let me know if there is something I can help you with. Luis

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