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Good Morning sweet Cherie and thank you. When considering all that you and Tom and the others are doing, my efforts alone are small, but when God is in it, it becomes Big. :)) He has laid it on my heart to send what I can to you...I may not have said this before, but because I know you, I get to have the assurance where the money is actually going, whereas I don't always know that firsthand with some of my other giving, but I trust God that they also are going to help those in need. Please keep me in your prayers. Love you always, Teresa

Tom, Cherilyn, and TJ, Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to visit Casa Hogar Esperanza over the Christmas break. What a blessing it was for us and the highlight of our vacation. The children there are precious and hearing their heartbreaking stories and how they were taken in by Pastor and Ms. Esther was so inspirational. Our children were so excited about being able to shop for them and bring them gifts for Christmas. Even more meaningful was getting to spend a couple of hours with them. We would love to visit them again one day. We so appreciate and are thankful that God put you all in their lives to help them out on a weekly basis and give them extra love and support. It was obvious that they truly love and appreciate you guys. Thanks again for helping us connect with the orphanage and taking the time out of your day to meet us there and introduce us to such sweet people. We will always remember our visit. We will keep checking your website to see the latest news and check to see if there are other ways that we can help out. Love in Christ, Cheri & Scott Butler and family

Greetings, Would you be kind enough to forward me information on what was done with the money Encanto Resorts forwarded to your charity so that I may advise our owners accordingly. Regards, Aristi Thank you for the prompt reply and for providing me the information regarding all the work you do for the orphanage. With this information I will be able to let our owners know their contribution went to a good cause and perhaps they will contact you directly for more donations! Regards, Aristi

Even though it's miserably cold here in Michigan, I'm warmed by the visit we had together and reading the newsletter and web page. I'll pass your email address along… All the best to you and Cherilyn and blessings on your Mission. Cheers, Bruce

Thanks Tom for the information. Everything looks straight forward. We are excited to join you and your church's mission outreach in Cancun! Blessings to both you and Cherilyn as you allow God to work in your hearts and lives to minister to others. We think of you and pray for you often! Peace and love, James and Tammy :)

Good morning!! I read your newsletter. If you will send me an address, I will send you a check to be used for some of the items for the children in your newsletter. I want to be sure you get it. Thanks Jimmy Williams

Hi Tom and Cherilyn. This is Tammy and James Derksen. We visited Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza orphanage in late December. (we were part of the group of 8 from Canada, led by Gloria Derksen, and also had the joy of worshipping with you in your church that Sunday!) Our experience of spending time with the children at the orphanage has not left our hearts! We would like to continue to be a part of your churches mission to positively impact and show Christ's love to the orphanage and the children who live there. What is the best way for us to financially contribute and how do we get contributions to you? Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to answer our questions :) Much love, Tammy and James Derksen

Dear Tom, it is our pleasure to assist your orphanage outreach. Please send our QA manager a small description of what you do with the kids. We want to use that info in our communications with customers so that we can encourage them to partake in your great work with the needy. I hope to see you soon. Luis

Tom Juliette loves Community of Faith. You are a direct answer to her prayers in finding a good church in her area of Cancun, Mexico. Juliette shared with us yesterday how God answered her prayer with a "Great Church". Juliette went on and on about how great the message was yesterday (and every week). Her children Madeline and Brandon also love to attend. Thank you for establishing Community of Faith in Cancun, Mexico. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. The work you and your crew do to prep for the services does not go unnoticed. Carolyn and I know all the work that goes into doing what you do. Again, we are grateful Community of Faith has a ministry in Cancun. We will continue to pray for God's blessings on the ministry. Carolyn and I return to Michigan Thursday morning. We need to cool off as its been a bit warmer here than we are used to. We do not get this kind of weather until July. When we left Michigan to visit Juliette here it was about 55 degrees. Our blood is still thick......quite a jump in one day to 85-90 degrees here in Cancun. Praise the Lord, He never changes! Garry Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank you, Tom, for sending the verses on "Habits". This is the first time your email has got through! Hope it continues. How is the group going during the low season? I miss it-- though I have found a good Bible study group here in the Brunswick, Maine area. I plan to get back down there in January and hope the group will still be going strong. Please say hello to everyone in the group for me. God bless! David

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